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Port moresby brothels

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What do you think? User Name Remember Me? Legalize the brothels and control the spread of HIV among the sex worker populations. There is no denying that commercial sex is already here. There is also no denying that people from all sectors of the community unemployed, school kids, office workers and business men-women and all religions lay and clergy alike are clients of these commercial sex workers. So why closet this industry and place the "normal" people at high risk day after day, hour by hour.

It is too late to stop commercial sex. Rather than fight it and lose, regulations legalizing etc and control is required to stem the spread of HIV from the reservoir of HIV infection among the "normal populace" to the sex workers and back to our unsuspecting children, husbandswife vessisters and lovers.

There are issues of stigmatization of sex workers and other groups like the PLWHAs people living with hiv-aids that must be confronted now rather than too late. We are following the African trends and may need look to Africa or Brazil for answers.

And while the legalization of commercial sex work may be a medium term plan, major underlying issues that push people into the industry will still plague us; the unemployment and poverty, illiteracy and gender inequalities, peer presure. As "Possum" already said, it is supply and demand issue. As long as there will exist the human urge and desire to have sex men or womenthere will always be someone to satisfy this urge either freely as lovers, wives or husbands or commercially.

Without being too Freudian I guess that is the underlying urge that drives our world. Preserve life - Wear Condoms.

HIV doesn't give a damn about religion, race, position or politics!. Last edited by "xtc"; at Maybe the only sensible "Port moresby brothels" to this thread! I'd wager most of these respondents are in the under-thirty age group For the religionsit amongst you, look at Port moresby brothels this way: Satan himself is at work here Would he really, now?

The basic message of "do not fornicate" unfortunately just doesn't cut it any more, not in this modern world we live in.

What this sort of a message does achieve is, to create feelings of guilt in the common folk which, no doubt, is the intention but rater from abstaining a super-human task for most the activity is driven Port moresby brothels the "Port moresby brothels," hidden and dangerous shadows of the 'illicit'. This un-controlled environment lends itself so perfectly to Satans designs Huge sums of money spent in a one-sided battle organising seminars, lectures and educational programs mean nothing when the government does not have legislation in place to protect and gaurantee the rights of sex-workers who, Port moresby brothels the way, will not just disappear in a puff of smoke because they are indignantly told their ways are morally wrong.

Satan laughs as he gathers strength from our moral indignation when we loudly and unthinkingly call for a ban on legalising prostitution, making his job so much easier! Are we strong enough to face this new challange? It will test us spiritually, morally and as human beings. Satan has learnt to use our strengths against us It may well surprise the likes of Donna M.

Hughes and friend scuba-diver, Port moresby brothels know that many women willingly get into "Port moresby brothels."

To girls in their teens...

The reasons are many, and can be discussed in a seperate thread! Legalising prostitution does not mean legalising exploitation Let us not allow our mis-directed personal views, bolsterd with good Christian morals, deny these wretched people the right to live like human beings, while allowing Satans work to spread un-checked!

To add to xtcs' comments Freud described certain drives which are necessary instinctual behaviour patterns which are geared towards survival of the individual and then the species. The human behavioural nexus then kicks in at this stage where cultural and moral factors determine the context in which sex and reproduction occur. In traditional society this would often occur in the setting of a monogamous couple although in some areas polygamy was practised however in both cases sex occured in the context of a family setting and within the confines of cultural norms and beliefs.

In modern society these values have Port moresby brothels done away with except where some politicians insist on 'traditional polygamy' to satisfy their urges to a large extent.

However PNG has become a nominally Christian country which promotes sex in the context of the family and marraige. With the erosion of traditional and religious values, men and women are left to act on their own impulses literally. Economics dictates that in a modern society food, warmth, shelter and security in some instances are purchased by money. Sex in this sense can become a commodity as it can be comercialised and sold Port moresby brothels a service.

In other words sex is provided to meet an instinctual urge to reproduce but is now framed to provide pleasure and satisfaction temporaly without fulfilling its function which in evolutionary terms was to bond a mating couple, produce offspring and rear them in a secure and protected envirionment.

Well folks thats my Freudian speil for the day Last edited by possum; at From a Christian perspective the answer is simple; obey the 10 commandments of which one states ' you should not commit adultry' and the other state that you should not covet your 'neighbours assets'.

Extramarital affairs where punished harshly and furthermore Gods displeasure at Sodom and Gomorrah is evident by the fact that they were obliterated for the sexual deviances offered within their "Port moresby brothels."

We went undercover into brothels...

However within the bible are examples of prostitutes who were given a second chance. A woman 'sinner' wept at the feet of Jesus and washed his feet with her tears. Jesus showed compassion on her and did not judge her for who she was or what she had done.

He forgave her sins. In fact some scholars say that this woman was Mary of Magdala Mary Magdalene who was Port moresby brothels of the greatest women desciples of that time.

Thus I guess the lessons here is that practicing christians should confine sexual relations to the context of a marraige relationship but also should not be judgemental on those who through circumstances have opted to sell themselves for a price. Through support and genuine concern for the human being can one effect change in that persons life and circumstances.

By providing access to health care, welfare support and education some ideally all of these women may be rescued Port moresby brothels the social and economic quagmire and contribute towards nation building by having alternative means of income. Now thats what I like to see, a well researched, well reasoned and logical argument.

However I will challenge some of your conclusions. You then say "With the erosion of traditional and religious values, men and women "Port moresby brothels" left to act on their own impulses literally. Are you talking about the pre-European values that were changed by the chrisitian missionaries or the christian value system that is changing under the wider global influences.

This then begs the question is cultural change inevitable in PNG and is it such a bad thing? Finally you say "In other words sex is provided Port moresby brothels meet an instinctual urge to reproduce but is now framed to provide pleasure and satisfaction temporaly without fulfilling its function which in evolutionary terms was to bond a mating couple, produce offspring and rear them in a secure and protected envirionment.

I dont think you realise just how right your are on this evolutionary point. It certainly is true that sex has many functions in society and its primary function is reproduction, but it may come as no surprise it has other functions as well. Humans are a bit of an exception in the animal world in that although our females, like all mammals have Port moresby brothels oestrus cycle a cycle in which she is fertile only for a short periodshe remains sexually receptive at all times.

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