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Cross generational sexuality


Cross generational sex can be defined as sexual relationships between adults and partners who are young enough to be their children or grandchildren. This is an issue that has been addressed by several people at different occasions and the results can never be assessed "Cross generational sexuality" their accomplishment.

There are no measures in place that can help find out how far successful the campaign has been so far. A very big number of young girls and boys in Africa have been infected with the HIV virus but the ill has not stopped even at this stage.

Research has been carried out by scholars to Cross generational sexuality out what could possibly be the causes of this act in society. Messages have been drawn on bill boards, passed over radios and even print media Cross generational sexuality the activists but all this seems to create no impact at all.

Younger girls have been sighted on the streets, in bars, hotels cuddling their sugar daddies with no shame whatsoever because this seems to be the trend of their times. So many sugar daddies and mummies have been heard saying they want to get something fresh but does it ever cross their minds that what goes around comes around?

(February ) Cross-generational sex—or Sugar...

That tomorrow it could be their daughters and sons being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs? The causes of Cross generational sexuality generational sex have been sung every now and then but do people ever open their ears to listen to them or they are too deaf to be affected. According to a report by Masimbi Birwasa, girls Cross generational sexuality to have power to negotiate relationship formation and continuance where they can choose the types and number of partners they have and can discontinue a relationship if gift giving ceases.

The too much love for the endless free gifts from the sugar daddies and mummies is the key cause of cross generation sex among the young people.

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