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With a full-time job, house, social life, dating, cycling and traveling, how do you put it all on pause for an illness? Back inI was burning the candle at both ends. It seemed to all spiral down after that. He gave me pain pills and told me it might take some time. Nothing abnormal showed up on the x-ray. The doctors were focusing on my bones, though, not my lungs.

Scared, I desperately called an Asian medicine acupuncturist and chiropractor to ask if he could see me right away and tell what was wrong with me. He took a standing x-ray and told me that I Uk dating scams pictures of shingles to see a doctor Uk dating scams pictures of shingles. The x-ray showed my entire chest wall was clouded white, similar to when I had pneumonia as a kid, except this was a solid, bright white.

I ended up at an after-hours clinic. After a CT scan, an ER doctor with great bedside manner bluntly said that it looked like cancer and good luck! I ended up staying in the hospital for two weeks for a series of CT scans, draining two liters of fluid from my left chest cavity that had shown in the x-raychest tube, biopsy, diagnosis, port placement and hefty doses of morphine. Two weeks earlier, I had been running up a hill in San Francisco.

On December 22,my chest tube was removed and I started chemo, the day before my 31st birthday. I spent my birthday vomiting from chemo nausea and lying in bed. People with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung usually have smoked for 30 years, worked Uk dating scams pictures of shingles a factory or been exposed to certain chemicals.

However, I was a year-old non-smoking female, who ate well and exercised. Did I happen to get this mutation of my lung cells due to some sort of damage? Was it pneumonia scarring as a kid, pollution or something I consumed? No one will ever be able to tell me. Luckily, because I was otherwise so healthy and young, I had a lot of fight and responded well to chemo. I had a few chemo treatments and the main tumor responded, shrinking, leaving a hollow cystic shell, but then chemo stopped working.

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If I had this disease 10 years ago, Uk dating scams pictures of shingles would not have had this option and might not be alive today. Every time I have an ache or pain, I worry that the cancer is coming back. Ironically, when I exercise and stretch, I feel so much better.

You have to keep moving and stretching! Just walking or swimming can do wonders. Based on my experience, it boils down to this: Early detection and treatment is essential to long term recovery. I have great hope that I can live a long time at my current condition, thanks to the great targeted therapies, but really wish I had insisted on better x-rays or scans sooner. Regardless, I have been extremely lucky. Deal with what you need to in the present, and try to live in the moment.

At age 30, Laura was diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung. Laura passed away in from related complications, seven years after her lung cancer diagnosis. We hope her story will continue to serve as inspiration for others on the importance of early detection for lung cancer. Wow, thanks for sharing your story!

He was a non-smoker, 33 years old and had pneumonia as a child too— so badly that the doctors had already gotten his mom to sign the organ donor paperwork. Then his fully white left lung chest x-ray showed up Sept 1, — his x-ray had been completely clear August 4. He also grew up in West Virginia around the coal mines, which may have put arsenic in the water, another possible contributor to lung Uk dating scams pictures of shingles in young people.

A powerful, yet not unfamiliar story. My boyfriend Nick died June 22, from a blood clot — Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma spread to his spine and compressed his nerves, leaving him unable to walk, even after emergency surgery. He was in physiotherapy to learn to walk again, but never got the chance. He made it through 2 rounds of chemo, which were showing promise towards remission. He was originally told that his shoulder pain was probably a pulled muscle, at one point an MRI even made it looked like a slipped disc.

But after waking one day to no longer be able to move his legs, a CT scan finally showed 2 tumors. One in the lung, one on the spine. He was 27 years old, and a non-smoker.

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I will continue to fight the battle for him, I know he would have done everything he could to defy the odds, and help others along the way. Thank you "Uk dating scams pictures of shingles" posting your story! Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you so much for sharing your story of fighting against cancer. It has really inspired me. When we heared its cancer we all were shocked…as we were aware about cancer is like end of life. I really trust god and still keeping positive hopes and will fight till the end.

Now doctor has adviced for chemotherapy and further said that they will try targeted therapy. I am hoping for best now….

Thank you for sharing a very candid view of what you have been through and what you think about the present. It was a metastized recurrence from his GE cancer 3 years ago that saw him get his entire stomach removed.

For the last 3 years Uk dating scams pictures of shingles his surgery, he was perfectly normal until the March ofthis year. Radiation was administered for 6 weeks, followed by 4 Cycles of chemotherapy that concluded last month. For now he is fatigued and weak, down on weight and found wanting on Nutrition.

However, he seems to be a little better than what he was a few months ago…but you never know. I have stopped having any kind of expectations and am taking things as they come by. However, we have and are giving him the best possible medication and support at home.

This is what satisfies us. I am hoping and am very positive Uk dating scams pictures of shingles he will be alright…but as i said, expectiations are the last things i do. I wish my fate will be like u.

They just started me with Tarceva as my first line of treatment a week ago. I hope I get a good response like you and be one of those 2 percent that will be cancer free. My ex husband is now 69 as of October He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain which is where they found it and how he was diagnosed. Miracles do happen because that was the end of February He had brain surgery as soon as he "Uk dating scams pictures of shingles" diagnosed.

He had radiation on frontal lobe and small area on lung. Fortunately, the cancer has not spread and he has been on maintenance chemo Alimta for past two years. He is having trouble in the back spine-neck area and we are praying that is not anything cancerous.

Thanks to all those stories of strength and survival. They have the power to support those who are now engaged in their battles as well as confirm successes, however they are measured. In late I started having pain in my back, shoulder and arm.

I went to the doctor believing that it was either pneumonia or cancer. I was a pack-a-day smoker and had been for decades. I tried Physical Therapy, massages and kept increasing the powerful pain meds.

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That doctor said — that is nerve pain. He sent me for another MRI that afternoon. Two days later I met with a doctor who read the scan. He told me that I had a large tumor at the top of my right lung — called an apical tumor or Pancoast tumor.

The tumor was so high up that it was missed on most scans. It had grown into the cluster of nerves called the Brachial Plexus, causing excruciating pain. Within a week I had begun simultaneous chemo and radiation — for 5 weeks.

The pain was being managed by the Palliative Care folks at the hospital. They did a great job. The tumor which had begun as the size of a large apple was shrunken to the size of a large prune.

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