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Samsung da e750 review uk dating

Wired Ethernet Connection:

By Danny Phillips T Samsung's brilliant QLED flagship smashes it out of the park. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The wood bodywork with hand-crafted piano finish gives it a truly high-end feel, topped off by gorgeous silver cone surrounds on the front, shiny phase plugs poking out of the cones and a circular window on top showing off its glowing red valves.

The dual dock pops out smoothly from the back, with a support that slides up to hold the device in place essential for the new iPad. One of the connectors is a micro USB, which is intended for Galaxy phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 but it'll support any Android device Samsung da e750 review uk dating that connection. In both cases you'll need to install the Samsung Audio Dock App on the device first.

Up close control is handled by a round panel of buttons on top, with illuminated icons showing the selected input. You also get a small silver remote that sits snugly in the hand and sports clearly labelled buttons. With no display panel, operation is a little like fumbling in the dark, especially with the control panel being on top — but an LED would have probably ruined the aesthetic.

As a result MP3 playback is random and there's no way of browsing iPod menus using the remote.

AirPlay is simple to setup. PC setup requires a temporary Wi-Fi network and a browser, which is more cumbersome. But the connection is stable and didn't drop out even with other Wi-Fi devices jumping in and out of the network. Music playback is remarkably good from any source, with its powerful W amplifier going nice and loud without distortion. Bass is tight and solid — with the valve amp lending extra depth — while high frequencies shine and "Samsung da e750 review uk dating" sound dreamy.

Sure it can't quite match the polish of the NAD Viso 1 but this is still an impressive performer. The 'Bass' setting adds extra richness to the overall sound without sounding too muddy, though some may find it a little full-on. The Samsung DA-E is a stunning wireless audio system, blessed with an abundance of features, a luxurious design and — most importantly of all — hugely enjoyable sound quality.

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