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Cute gaymers dating


One series you might Cute gaymers dating missing on YouTube right about now is Gaymer Guysthe green screen commentary show that discusses all things gaming—by and for gays! Hosted by Chase Kolozsi and Evan Michael LeeGaymer Guys is the seriously nerdy chat you wish you could be having at the bar with all the non-gamer gays.

For all the times you stayed up all night playing video games and the days you spent dreaming about gaming instead of focusing on work, Gaymer Guys is here to power you up!

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From video game fashion reviews to being on location at video game expos, Chase and Evan will have you shaking in your ocarina boots! And did I mention how cute they are?

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Tag someone that's a gamer and what you play on. A post shared by Chase Kolozsi chasekolozsi on Jan 17, at 1: A post shared by Evan Michael Lee evanmichaellee on Jun 15, at 8: Most video game companies find a niche market in white, male heteros— but what about our queens?

Through this web series, WOW Not World of Warcraft is breaking down these barriers and infusing gay culture with the gaming world toward an evolution of more diverse representation in video games and those who play them.

I got in touch with the Gaymer Guys so all of us Cute gaymers dating Instinct could get to know the men inside this virtual reality. Growing up, my cousin gave me and my brother her Atari and it sort of took off from there. Video games are a great way to Cute gaymers dating social Cute gaymers dating make friends. You and I were friends. The Last of Us: Arkham City, and The Witcher 3 Uncharted 4 was close.

The Line as those games, flawed as they may be, are ridiculously important pieces of art that everyone should play. Hands down it has to go to Metal Gear Solid.


I like to work and focus on my acting career. My presence in Colombia is going to inspire the 3rd season of Narcos dontquarantineme Netflix pic. In no particular order: A post shared by Evan Michael Lee evanmichaellee on Nov 30, at Does it make sense why I am so excited to see more of Cyberpunk ?

You can both share your love of video games with each other and be content with that. Let them change on their own if they choose to do so. Drama, death, and buffoonery. Ok maybe just one and a half of those things.

We try to strike a balance between fun contact, nostalgia, and education like us talking about representation in the video game world to just having fun with an entire episode being a mock Fashion Photo Ruview of video game characters ala Raja and Raven. Other than that, there are some unexpected things in the works and I would rather it be surprise if and when they materialize.

We play with "Cute gaymers dating" friends, family, and coworkers. Yes, thank you for enabling shows like this to exist.

Share the show, this article, and follow us "Cute gaymers dating" social media so we can talk or even recommend what to play. I really believe Gaymer Guys has not hit its full stride yet and I would love for you to be there before it does so we can experience the wackiness together. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and watching Gaymer Guys.

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