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Xiah junsu and telisha dating quotes


This is harmful to you and the idols you like, learn that people are people and you never know what someone will do behind a camera. Fans need to step beyond that and recognize their idols flaws, and in the worst cases, understand that sometimes a mistake is not redemable. I began listening to Kpop sometime between and I lived in a blissful ignorance until in TVXQ disbanded and three of the five members filed lawsuits against their company, invoking as motive their 13 years long slave contracts.

To say I was devastated is an understatement, but after the shock of the news wore off I began reading about the Kpop culture with its good and bad parts. Up until that moment I Xiah junsu and telisha dating quotes lived with the impression that the music industry in Korea was just like it is in Europe and America, but boy was I wrong.

I discovered that the Korean entertainment industry has a specific way of creating its artists. The future idols are molded to be perfect. After debut idols are forced to perform under less than ideal circumstances — long hours, through injuries and illnesses, hungry and tired. And through "Xiah junsu and telisha dating quotes" this long and hard process the artist answers to their management company often under unfair conditions, because they own them. After finding out all that, I realized that the Kpop industry is unethical and exploitative, I would go as far as saying that it violates human rights.

Having a clearer picture of what was, and still is, happening in the Kpop industry, through the years I kept a close tab on the controversies involving SM Entertainment, from scandal rumors to lawsuits filled by its artists. It was founded by Lee Soo Man and it is an active record label since SM name is associated with former groups like H.

But in spite of their success they treat their artists as disposable money-generating machines. Let me give you some examples:. Kyuhyun almost died from it.

Telisha was attacked due to...

He had a fractured hip, punctured lungs from broken ribs, and facial scratches and bruises. Kyuhyun began participating in the group activities after roughly 5 months.

During Wolf Jongin, the lead dancer had to perform with a waist injury. At MAMA Chanyeol had to perform though he was sick I think he almost fainted while resting offstage waiting for the choreography to include him again.

I could go on and on and on…. And there are so many more examples… all happening for the same reasons: Are you wandering what explanations SM gave us, the fans? They made the artists apologize for their condition and promise that they will take better care of Xiah junsu and telisha dating quotes in the future.

In my opinion SM treats its artists deplorably. But scandals are meant to happen and from their way of dealing with, or not deal with, the fallout from these controversies you can tell just how manipulative SM really is. They invoked as motive their 13 years long slave contracts. And what do you know, after only a month, in augustF x was introduced to the people.

His reasons were similar to that of JYJ, the 13 years contract, the illnesses he had developed from being overworked, and discrimination.

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