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Oguns wife sexual dysfunction


What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is described as the inability to achieve and to maintain erection strong enough for sexual intercourse. For sexual intercourse to take place between a man and a woman, a man must have an erection for penetration. There are many things that can cause erectile dysfunction.

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The causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical, psychological or both. For physical, it means that it can be due to diseases. For example, those who have hypertension can have erectile dysfunction. Those who have diabetes can have it as well and diabetes happens to be the commonest cause of erectile dysfunction. It could be due to some hormonal disorders or deficiencies. For example, the hormone called testosterone is needed for erection to take place and if there is a deficiency of that, a man can have erectile dysfunction.

Then, some medications, like some of the Oguns wife sexual dysfunction that are used in the treatment of diabetes or some other conditions, can also cause erectile dysfunction.

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Other causes include "Oguns wife sexual dysfunction," especially around the groin — if the nerves that help erection or supply the penis are affected during surgery, this can lead to problems with erection.

Those who have suffered major "Oguns wife sexual dysfunction" in the back, especially the lower back, can also have problems with erection. Stress, depression and anxiety can also cause erectile dysfunction; any stressful conditions can cause it. For example, problems in interpersonal relationships can as well lead to erectile dysfunction. Other things like smoking, excessive alcohol intake and some herbal preparations can cause erectile dysfunction.

No, vasectomy does not cause it. It is just a form of male contraception and it does not affect erection. The symptom of erectile dysfunction is that a man will not be able to have an erection or the erection will not be strong enough. Other symptoms of erectile dysfunction will be symptoms of the underlying cause. For example, if it is due to diabetes, the person will have other symptoms of Oguns wife sexual dysfunction. However, erectile dysfunction on its own only presents as the inability to have an erection or a strong erection.

Can too much sex lead to erectile dysfunction? There is really no connection between masturbation and erectile dysfunction. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is as follows: The person will come to you and tell you that he has problems with having an erection. Some of them will tell you that they have an erection but it is not as strong as it used to be and when you probe further, they will mention that they find it difficult to penetrate.

In the milder cases, some of them will say that they are able to penetrate but they lose it before they complete sexual intercourse.

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