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Best makeup brand for over 50


Add a layer of primer in between your moisturizer and base.

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If your skin's lacking luster, pick a radiance-boosting formula such as Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. A luminous-finish liquid foundation will give skin a fresh look. A pop of color, like pink, on the apples of cheeks will give skin the vibrancy it's lacking. Use your pencil to fill in the arch area first, followed by the tail.

Keep the black line on top, but try a different shade on the bottom. But bold black on lower lashes can have the opposite effect, making eyes look small. Applying a softer shade -- brown, gray, or even a light blue -- along the bottom adds subtle definition and softly enhances the shape of your eye, she says.

An all-over application of taupe with a luminous finish makes a statement while creating "Best makeup brand for over 50" appearance of depth.

Baked Eyeshadow in Bark. Applying concealer to crow's feet will only highlight them, which defeats the purpose.

Then, follow our easy, age-defying...

Apply a cover-up that's the same shade as your skin tone along the inner corners of your eyes and blend it three-quarters of the way out, stopping before your fine lines begin, Geller says. Plus, gloss tends to slip and slide and settle into lines around your lips.

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