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Night clubs in west hartford ct


I am graduating this May from a school around the NYC area. I will be starting a new job in the Hartford area this summer.

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I recently made a trip there to find bars, nightclubs, and general places somethings would hang out at. The waitress I spoke to said there's not much to do except the couple of bars around that area and she herself couldn't wait to get out of CT.

It was very honest and definitely appreciated.

Is this really the case? I couldn't imagine there was nowhere that people my age were hanging out at besides restaurants.

I know it would definitely be a change from NYC. Can anyone recommend 1 an area that has a good night life and good crowd or 2 a living area where I can find the same. Thank Night clubs in west hartford ct so much. I suggest trying to live near where you work. There are a number of new housing options downtown and plenty of bars and clubs around there.

I whole-heartedly agree with Night clubs in west hartford ct suggestions - the area around UConn Law School is an excellent area for young professionals with affordable housing options, trendy as well as traditional restaurants, laundry facilities, etc.

In addition, West Hartford center is always buzzing with activity with great restaurants and shopping, but not too much in the way of late-night nightlife. You may be in for a bit of culture shock because you're not going to find things to do around the clock - bars in CT close at 2. Nonetheless, I'm sorry that the waitress you spoke with left you with such a bad impression of the area. There is always something going on in Hartford - Jazz shows, Art shows, etc.

As a former West End of Hartford resident, I would recommend that area as well. They have new apartment construction going up downtown, but downtown can be a ghost town on weekday nights and on weekend days I was in Hartford a couple of months ago, stayed downtown, and didn't see one other person on a Saturday afternoon.

I would not move into the suburbs not knowing anyone, it will be a lot harder to meet people. As for particulars, I would be to the west of Sisson Ave.

You will be pretty close to the highway and not far from West Hartford Center.

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In what town around Hartford will you be working? I will be working in Windsor Lockswhich isn't far away. Windsor Locks is about 15 miles from downtown Hartfordgive or take a mile or two. It's north of the city, the airport Bradley is in that town. If you live in the West End, it's easy to get Interstate 84 which connects to I Windsor Locks is right off You would also be Night clubs in west hartford ct something of a reverse commute going out of Hartford.