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Dating brass objects for sale


Metals have been used for thousands and thousands of years to create furniture, sculptures, candlesticks and cookware. Antique metalware within the home can therefore either be decorative or functional. There are antique metalware pieces made from brass, bronze, copper, iron, and spelter and Dating brass objects for sale to name a few to choose from, these materials are some of the most popular antique metalware available.

Antique metalware is normally made from non-precious metals as opposed to gold or silver and you will be able to find pieces from a range of historical periods.

Brass Antique & Collectable: Looking...

A unique insight into decorative influences and practical items used in the household of the time. The creation of metal can be traced back to BC, from the first discovery of metal until there were only 12 metals discovered, these were gold, silver, copper, lead, mercury, tin, zinc, iron and platinum and antimony, arsenic and bismuth.

Brass Items

The first man-made tools were made from copper and therefore there are more antique copper tools than in other metals. Antique metalware made from copper, lead, tin and iron are likely to be the most widely available. From the Roman period until the mid 19th C there is Dating brass objects for sale that brass was used frequently, with the practice of using brass also gradually increasing over time.

As mentioned copper was a very popular metal and it is easily possible to find antique copper pans, mugs and a variety of cookware. Originally copper was used to make functional items for use in the home but later it was used for more decorative purposes. Antique brassware is a popular category of antique metalware, it is possible to find antique brass kettles and pots, which would have previously been placed over open fires for cooking purposes, making a nice decorative feature in a modern day kitchen.

Nice antique metalware pieces are 18th C brass candlesticks and doorknockers. Antique brass has a soft patina in comparison to new brass; this is a rich warm colour that is formed over time due to usage and handling. Patina is often something desirable in antique brassware and damage to it may depreciate its value. Newer brassware will have a brighter, gold finish. There are also nice antique brass chandeliers and clocks available, used largely throughout the Victorian and Edwardian periods, antique brassware comes in a variety of styles, pieces with Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences are particularly attractive.

Victorian brass candlesticks are a desirable item on the market. Antique brass warming pans and bed frames are also very nice pieces of antique furniture. The most famous of antique bronzes is antique Vienna bronzes; collectors particularly desire these. Also antique bronzeware made by Franz Bergman is highly sought after.

Antique bronze sculptures are often stamped or signed so you are able to identify their authenticity. There are a large variety of antique metal pieces to purchase, metalware created from steel and wrought iron will make nice antique outdoor pieces, such as a weather vane or a lantern.

It is also possible to find attractive pewter dinnerware and candlesticks. Antique metals have a certain appearance due to oxidization and patina and they will lose their value if this is affected, either altered or removed, it is important to therefore be careful when cleaning.

Miniature Brass manufacturers Advertising Table The ideal way to display and sell the products you make. Inverted Cone shaped beaten copper Vase on a coopered Oak barrel made by the studios of Geraud Parfitte an important design and metalwork manufacturer in the early s this.

Antique Brass Trivet as Miniature Fender Mantel Ornaments cThese miniature fenders are made of sheet brass and were decorative mantel ornaments but when placed back to back they act as. Pair of Georgian Brass Chambersticks c This attractive pair of chambersticks are made from sheet brass and have shaped sconces above a pillar stem with ejector slides They sit on.

This is a large 19th Century antique mm diameter copper charger which is in the typical Art and Crafts Newlyn style It is sold unrestored and unpolished. This is a 19th Century antique fire guard often known as a Club Fender the iron guard has a mesh guard with a brass rail at the top. A substantial French four glass clock dating to the early 20th Century A Dating brass objects for sale sized clock having a traditional four glass brass case with bevel edge glass The clock has.

This is a stunning cast bronze two tier chandelier Twelve scroll shaped arms complete with droplets to the undersides Turned centre support with cherubs to the top Adjustable chain and. This is an extremely rare Georgian Man Trap The condition is very good and complete can still be used legally for the home illegal outside to be used.

Offered for sale is this very ornate 19th Century Victorian antique brass ladle depicting a Bishop. Dating brass objects for sale

This is an unusual 19th Century antique brass pastry crimper for decorating the edge of piesA rare survivor. This is a top quality late 19th Century Victorian antique solid brass stick stand Eight divisions with turned finials to the top Cast iron base with removable drip tray Very. These are a fine pair of Regency antique period cast bronze candlesticks Reeded supports on circular turned bases Very clean condition.

This is a magnificent 20th Century bronze famous musician ludwig Van Beethoven Composer statue which was made from the finest cast bronze heavy quality approx weight just over 4kg Having. Offered for sale is this antique Dating brass objects for sale Bosuns whistle on "Dating brass objects for sale" brass chain Works too wellWhistle length mm and including chain mm. Dated and engraved Eli Patten a family that still live in the SomersetDorset area Possibly off a draft or dray horse or maybe a prized dog A small portion.

Offered for sale is this ornate brass fan fire screen Made from brass cast brass handle to the top with fold out concertina action pierced brass screens rather like a. Offered for sale is this ornate brass fan fire screen Made from brass finial to the top with fold out concertina action pierced brass screens rather like a Peacocks tails. Offered for sale is this 19th Century antique 36 navy colt boxed Percussion firing colt condition is superb comes boxed with bullet mould and powder flask contact me for your.

This is a large antique bronze dinner gong mounted in a bamboo frame A Victorian instrument dating to the late 19th Century Attractive bronze gong with natural aged patina Hammered. These are a pair of late 19th Century French antique bronzed metal male and female figuresThe male figure is dressed in game shoot attire with a pair of gun dogs.

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