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Giving heart away


It is a delightful movie I have enjoyed watching many times, but today is the first time I have wondered this. How do you get it back and move on? Even further, is it wise to give your heart away?

And what exactly does that mean? As I reflect on this, two possibilities emerge. It would cease to beat in your own chest and would only be kept alive when joined to the other person.

In this scenario, if the relationship ends, you are left with a broken Giving heart away. It feels lifeless, and since it is not doing its job in your body, you have a hard time even getting up in the morning.

It will make us addicted to the relationship when we are in it, and we will cease to function when we are out of it. Another way of giving your heart away might be in making a decision to unconditionally love another person, and determining to hold nothing back — to give it your all.

Give My Heart Away

You are not depending on someone else to keep your heart beating. Instead, your heart beats on its own, apart from the other. Even so, with each beat it communicates love. Your heart is healthy and strong, and your love flows freely out of it. This kind of giving your heart away seems Giving heart away the healthier explanation for the expression.

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