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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Early season interference in soybean [Glycine max L. A field experiment over 2 years compared season-long interference of these biotypes in soybean.

The six Palmer amaranth biotypes reduced soybean height similarly in the greenhouse but did not affect soybean height in the field. Reduction in soybean fresh weight and dry weight in the greenhouse; and soybean yield in the field varied by Palmer amaranth biotypes. When Palmer amaranth biotypes were grouped by response to glyphosate, the GS group reduced fresh weight, dry weight, and yield of soybean more than the GR group.

The results indicate a possible small competitive disadvantage associated Tejido de sosten yahoo dating glyphosate resistance, but observed differences among biotypes might also be associated with characteristics within and among biotypes other than glyphosate resistance. Full Text Available Inheritance of glyphosate resistance in a Palmer amaranth biotype from North Carolina was studied.

Dose response of F1 progenies indicated that resistance was not fully dominant over susceptibility.

Corresponding author: Ionel Barbu, E-mail:...

Lack of significant differences between dose responses for reciprocal F1 families suggested that genetic control of glyphosate resistance was governed by nuclear genome. These results indicate that inheritance of glyphosate resistance in this biotype is incompletely dominant, nuclear inherited, and might not be consistent with a single gene mechanism of inheritance.

Relative 5-enolpyruvylshikimatephosphate synthase EPSPS copy number varied from 22 to 63 across 10 individuals from resistant biotype. This suggested that variable EPSPS copy number in the parents might be influential in determining if inheritance of glyphosate resistance is monogenic or polygenic in this biotype. Watson in Glyphosate-Resistant Maize.

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A Palmer amaranth Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson biotype has evolved resistance to photosystem PS II- atrazine and 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase HPPD -inhibiting herbicides mesotrione, tembotrione, and topramezone in maize seed production Tejido de sosten yahoo dating in Nebraska, USA.

The objectives of this study were to determine the effect of soil residual pre-emergence PRE herbicides followed by fb tank-mixture of residual and foliar active post-emergence POST herbicides on PS-II- and HPPD-inhibitor-resistant Palmer amaranth control, maize yield, and net economic returns. First confirmation and characterization of target and non-target site resistance to glyphosate in Palmer amaranth Amaranthus palmeri from Mexico.

Following the introduction of glyphosate-resistant GR -cotton crops in Mexico, farmers have relied upon glyphosate as being the only herbicide for in-season weed control. Continuous use of glyphosate within the same year and over multiple successive years has resulted in the selection of glyphosate resistance in Palmer amaranth Amarantus palmeri. Dose-response assays confirmed resistance in seven different accessions. Glyphosate metabolism was low and did not differ between resistant and susceptible plants.

Glyphosate was differentially metabolized to AMPA and glyoxylate in plants of R- and S-accessions, although it was low in both accessions glyphosate collected from GR-cotton crops from Mexico. This is the first study demonstrating glyphosate-resistance in Palmer amaranth from Mexico. The nutrients components were determined by general approved analytical methods. Vitamins group B were determined using microbiological methods.

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Phosphorus was determined spectrophotometrically as phosphates with ammonium molybdate. Mean percentage content of protein, fat, caborhydrates, water and ash in products of amaranth examined seeds, meal, expanded seeds "popping" were: Primary, Secondary and Conservation Tillage. Full Text Available A three year field experiment was conducted to evaluate the role of soil inversion, cover crops and spring tillage methods for Palmer amaranth between-row BR and within-row WR management in glufosinate-resistant cotton.

Main plots were two soil inversion treatments: Subplots were three cover treatments: Following IT, no spring tillage method improved Palmer amaranth control. Therefore, from an integrated weed management standpoint, an occasional fall IT could greatly reduce Palmer amaranth emergence on farms highly infested with glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth. In addition, a cereal rye or crimson clover cover crop can effectively reduce early season Palmer.

Herbicide tolerance and seed survival of grain amaranth Amaranthus sp. Amaranth is receiving Tejido de sosten yahoo dating attention as an alternative crop to small grain cereals.

From a weed control point of view cultivation of amaranth poses two problems. Firstly, amaranth grows slowly after emergence and hence is very susceptible to competition by weeds and secondly, seed Tejido de sosten yahoo dating Applying clomazone early postemergent instead of "Tejido de sosten yahoo dating" provided full crop tolerance even at the highest doses Pcaused less Effects of defatted amaranth Amaranthus caudatus L. However, amaranth snacks significantly reduced high-density cholesterol HDL-c: In conclusion, the intake of 50 g of extruded amaranth daily during 60 days did not significantly reduce LDL-c in moderate hypercholesterolemic subjects; furthermore there was a significant reduction in HDL-c.

Studies with greater number of subjects and greater quantity of this food are necessary to test the effects of amaranth on lipid metabolism in humans. Effect of amaranth flour Amaranthus mantegazzianus on the technological and sensory quality of bread wheat pasta.

The quality of the resulted pasta was compared to that of control pasta made from bread wheat flour. The flours were analyzed for chemical composition and pasting properties.

Cooking behavior, color, raw and cooked pasta texture, scanning electron microscopy and sensory evaluation were determined on samples. The pasta obtained from amaranth flour showed some detriment of the technological and sensory quality. This is an equilibrium point between an acceptable pasta quality and the improved nutritional and functional properties from the incorporation of amaranth flour.

Grain amaranth Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. However, the features of Al-induced secretion of organic acid anions OA and potential genes responsible for OA secretion are poorly understood. Antioxidative activities and phenolic compounds of pumpkin Cucurbita pepo seeds and amaranth Amaranthus caudatus grain extracts.

Pumpkin seeds showed the higher content of TPC than that from amaranth. The TEAC values of both extracts were similar each other. The lower value of FRAP was observed for Tejido de sosten yahoo dating seed. Phenolic compound present in amaranth grain exhibited strongest antiradical properties against DPPH radical. Several peaks were present on the HPLC chromatograms of two extracts.

Variability, heritability and genetic association in vegetable amaranth Amaranthus tricolor L. Forty three vegetable amaranth Amaranthus tricolor L. The analysis showed that vegetable amaranth is a rich source of K, Ca, Mg, proteins and dietary fibre with average values among the 43 Tejido de sosten yahoo dating 1. Insignificant genotypic correlation was observed among mineral, quality and agronomic traits, except K vs. Some of these genotypes can be used for improvement of vegetable amaranth regarding mineral, protein and dietary fibre content without compromising yield loss.

Inversion tillage, high Tejido de sosten yahoo dating covers, and different herbicide regimes for palmer amaranth control in liberty link systems. Glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth is adversely affecting cotton production in the Southeast US. A field experiment was established in fall at the E. Full Text Available The anatomy of stems and leaves of two populations of the weed species Amaranthus retroflexus L.

AMARE1 having green stems covered in sparse hairs and pop. Sampling was performed at the stage of full vegetative growth of plants.

Permanent microscoping preparations were made to measure and analyze elements of the anatomy of stems stem epidermis, cortex, collenchyma, central cylinder and diameter and leaves leaf epidermis upper surface and underside, mesophyll, leaf thickness and bundle sheath thickness. Both analysed populations of A. The stem had three distinctive zones: Amaranth leaves have dorsoventral structure, i.

The results indicated high and very high significance of differences found in stem anatomy between the two analysed populations, while leaf anatomy was not found to display significant differences other than in mesophyll thickness. Amaranth is a Native American grain appreciated for its high nutritional properties including high mineral content.

The Tejido de sosten yahoo dating of this study was to evaluate the availability of Fe, Zn and Ca from extruded products made with two varieties of amaranth and their mixtures with maize at two levels of replacement. Mineral availability was estimated using dialyzability method. The contents of Fe Mineral availability was in the range of 2.

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