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Halloween party hook up


It is our time! Dudes with awesome muscles and great hair: Stay home or wear a snowsuit.

Rachel White doesn't usually make...

This is a holiday where you can rely on your costume to draw attention instead of your boring personality and average looks. Or is that just me? I have some advice for the ladies and fellas if you are looking to score this weekend or on the 31st.

The key to landing a French kiss or antibiotic prescription on Halloween is your costume. I have been wearing costumes since the womb and even got paid to do itso I am an official expert. Wear a mask if you are ugly as piss. This is a no-brainer. Never cover your face if you have any decent features or can do magic tricks with makeup.

Dudes will fall in love with your ass and be too drunk to focus on Halloween party hook up face once the mask comes off back at your apartment, condo, or doublewide. However, try Halloween party hook up pick the least rapey mask possible. Funny costumes are better conversation starters than sexy costumes.

If you wear a funny costume, a dude will have an easier time flirting with you. Do funny and you will be unstoppable. However, these Baywatch chicks Halloween party hook up this whole thing by not wearing mustaches.

These costumes are annoying and your hookup prospect will need a tool box to get you undressed. Sorry, that was harsh.

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